Lakeshore Partnership Opportunities

Jan 3, 2023


Founded in 2011 by Matt and Lana Shaw (LCF members since 2005), Speak Up provides income and dignity to people facing homelessness.

Homeless people write their stories which are published online at Speak Up Mag. They then sell subscriptions to the site, keeping half of all residual income. These vulnerably-housed individuals are able to gain immediate short-term cash, build long term financial stability, share their stories, and engage with their local community in a positive way.

Speak Up started as a print magazine that published 90 issues. In 2020, the model shifted to mostly-digital.

Thanks to Pursuit Packs outreach kits, the opportunity is now available to anyone facing homeless through the USA. Speak Up currently works with homeless partners in North Carolina, South Carolina, Chicago, Tennessee, and elsewhere.

Edward. Via Axios Charlotte.

To learn more, read press coverage of Speak Up, which includes: QC Nerve, Axios Charlotte, Spectrum News 1, Charlotte Magazine, WFAE 90.7, and others.

Partnering with Speak Up

Most of these are focused on helping individual folks facing homeless.

Write cards and notes of encouragement to Speak Up’s homeless writers and vendors.

Your words of love and blessing have an incredible impact!

Select one or more of the following individuals. Feel free to include a practical gift card. Drop cards at Lakeshore office for Matt or Lana Shaw.

Here are a few folks to choose from:

Also: pray for them as a group and add them to your individual prayer list.

Join the email prayer list.

We pray for specific current needs from friends facing homelessness. 2-3 emails monthly. To join:

Build a “blessing bag” to give to someone facing homelessness.

  1. Add any combination of the following items. Place in a gallon or quart-sized plastic bag.

  2. Print the Speak Up info flyer below and include with the bag.

  3. Hand out to roadside beggars or anyone in need.

Items to Include

  • Socks (this is the number-one desired item)

  • Foot Powder (small container)

  • Water bottle(s)

  • Toothbrush & toothpaste

  • Non-perishable snacks like crackers and nuts

  • Hand sanitizer (alcohol-free)

  • A hand-written note of encouragement

  • Also consider: Nail clippers, encouraging literature, a comb or brush, soap, washcloth, shampoo, toilet paper

Downloadable Flyer

Blessing Bags Flyer
120KB ∙ PDF file
Download and print.

Donate warm clothes and winter gear

Bring in winter coats, warm socks, hats, blankets for Speak Up volunteers to distribute. Give your unused clothes or visit a thrift store. Gender-neutral colors preferred.

Drop off at LCF office.


  1. Share your story of a homeless encounter.

  2. Sign up to accompany Matt and Lana Shaw to a local homeless camp (Spring-Summer 2023). Email to be notified of details.

  3. Join the Speak Up Community newsletter and read the online magazine.

  4. Donate to Speak Up.